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Shamanthakamani movie review

User, Today
Rating: 3

Story line :

The Narrative revolves around a Costly Rolls Royce vintage car worth 5 Cr called Samantkamani which is possessed by Krishna(Sudheer Babu). 1 night, the car is stolen from the parking of Provotel hotel and a tainted CI Ranjith (Nara Rohit) has been given the responsibility to nab the thefts. Throughout the investigation, the 3 people Shiva (Sundeep Kishan), young Karthik ( Aadi) and Car Mechanic (Rajendra Prasad) becomes the suspects of the automobile theft . Ranjith listens to each of the suspect's (Sundeep Kishan, Aadi and Rajendra Prasad ) variation on what had occurred that night. How will Ranjith investigate the case? Who is responsible for theft?

Plus Points:

story linre

performances of heros

Rajenrdaprasad role


second half

Minus points:-

Analysis parts small bit humorous & repetitive

First half


Sudheer Babu got equivalent display space and delivered their best. The performances of all the characters felt like the actors portrayed them very well. Sudheer Babu as the rich millionaire has given fantastic performance. The senior celebrities Rajendra Prasad and Suman justified with their function. Comedian Raghu gets a meaty character, his investigative and comedy scenes using Nara Rohit are excellent.

Technical works:-

The screenplay and script is great. The production value is abundant. The Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is noteworthy also it helped the film seem rich. The audio and BGM from Mani Sharma is fun with all peppy beats and flows together with the disposition of the film. The good thing about the movie is the fact that it does not have any songs except one 'Padha Padha'. The dialogues are catchy. Sriram Aditya picked interesting story line and composed the character nicely. There are not any glaring mistakes on the direction front.


Overall Samantakamani is a fun movie. Among the biggest plus points with this multistarrer Is the interesting story line and presence of celebrities makes the thing entertaining. Sriram Aditya's creative skills are revealed from the narrative which revolves round the criminal investigation together with twist and turns. And the Four actors With Rajendra Prasad did a marvelous job. The film has all of the entertainments including comedy and thrill. 

Bottom line:-

colourful multistarrer movie

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