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Premaleela Pelligola movie review

User, Today
Rating: 3

Story line:

Murugan(aka Vishnu) Aids a Local MLA Janakiram(Robo Shankar). Janakiram has a close accessibility to the senior Minister from the party, who hides out all his earnings over time. Twist in the tale appears when Janakiram met an injury and start acting like a KID. With this behaviour, Murugan and his friend(Soori) can not deal with, because they are stuck in severe issues. Same with the Murugan's Buddy who's eagerly awaiting to wed his lover which only possible using the MLA's support. To made it even more crispy, a sense brother in law of Minister(Ravi Maria) that constantly chase this gang to loot all of the riches to himself. How and where, may all these characters will wind up- The journey is a clear LAUGHING RIOT.

Plusn points:

Vishnu vishal performance

Nikki Galrani performance




Minus points:

first half 


Technical works:

Right from the word go, this film is touted as being an Comedy Entertainer and VVV is Ezhil Cup Of Tea, that best known for making them. Audience doesn't feel boredom at any given moment of time. But endothelial sequences are a very surprise. Vishnu vishal, Nikki Galrani granted their career best performances . Soori, played as Hero's sidekick is the show stealer. His comic expressions and timing really are brilliant. Second half is filled with combinational scenes using Ravi Maria and Robo shankar that are full of enjoyment. Vishnu vishal played with his part underlaying, but let other comedians to shine in their roles since most of script will be direct them. Nikki Galrani is a wanna be a Police woman. So for her function, she seemed fit as well as for most of songs she seemed Hot. Reshma Pasupuleti played an evil woman part in this movie also looked Hot (mainly found in sarees). Dhanush's Aadukalam fame Naren essayed villian job touched by comic ness. Motta Rajendran's pre orgasm episode efficiently evoked laughs. Music by C.Satya is okay. Re recording is performed well. Editing done by Ananda Lingakumar must have been more crisper. Song at the end of the movie, have to have been opted out to produce the movie flow more subtle.


Overall movie Logical wise, Technicality sensible, Aesthetics wise that the story might not appear or taste great to youpersonally, but it's its own means of offerings. The flow of events which changes in the duration of story and above all of the producers will keep their promise to complete some entertainment. Family viewers may not go well with few character portrayals. But, Youth audience will leave the theater with their stomachs in hands.

Punch line:

Good comedy entertainer

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