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Ninnukori movie review

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Rating: 3.25

Story line:

Uma Maheswara Rao (Nani) is ) who is pursuing his PhD, falls from the love of Pallavi (Niveda Thomas). After his many attempts to punish her, Pallavi falls in love with him and that they are both pleased with their relationship. They chose to get married only after when they get repay in their professions. Uma moves to Delhi having a livelihood prospect. On the opposite side, Pallavi's father (Murli Sharma) discovers a guy in the form of an NRI Arun (Aadi Pinisetty) and also fixes her marriage. Following the marriage, both shift to US. Twist in the tale appears when Uma proceeds to US along with his abrupt entry to Pallavi's life makes the picture interesting. What will Uma do now? Will Uma wins his love back? To get these answers one ought to see the film on silver screen.

Plus Points:

Nani performance

Niveda Thomas performance


Minus points:

Slow narration

Routine storyline


Once again, Nani has delivered spellbound performance as a lover boy as well as also a jilted lover. Niveda Thomas who's an art of talent has really contributed her excellent performance. Aadhi Pinisetty performed well but did not get much chance to show his performance skills. Murali Sharma, who became a normal face for the father functions in the current times, justify with his role as a doting father. The comic ’30 years Prudhvi' is another significant advantage in the film and his scenes combined with Nani are hilarious. Rest of the casts perform so.

Technical works:

The story line is simple and interesting. Screenplay is participating. Cinematography by Karthick Ghattamaneni is still one of the largest assets since it has some wonderful visuals and editing is still great. The songs composed by Gopi Sundar are excellent along with the background score is quite nice and helped the film and it has emotional scenes. Stunts are nicely composed. Director Shiva Nirvana creates a remarkable debut and he eventually became successful to show the movie in engaging manner. Dialogues jointly composed by Shiva along with Kona Vankat are great. 1 dialogue- "Life gives you lots of opportunities. You need to give 1 opportunity to lifetime" is emphasized. Production values by DVV Entertainments banner ads are decent


Till the very first half, Ninnu Kori plays out like any other regular film with the trappings of a quintessential love story, second half is Little bit slow and full of emotional scenes. Nani's functionality and artwork will be the significant asset of the film.


Heart touching love story.

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