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How distinct is Eedu Gold Ehe out of your previous films?
My previous hits like Poola Rangadu, Bhimavaram Bullodu and Jakkanna were commercial humor entertainers which had foreseeable screenplays. Yet, Eedu Gold Ehe is another picture just like Maryada Ramanna. Eedu Gold Ehe will be that one film which I could see any number of times on a home DVD. I 'm certain that every movie lover will be satisfied by the picture.
About director Veeru Potla?
Veeru Potla handled the movie quite intelligently. audience  cannot forecast what'll occur in the next scene. Eedu Gold Ehe also has a suspense angle to it, even though it might appear like a family play. Not or whether my disagreement will be concluded will keep the crowds intrigued until the last minute, the same as in Maryada Ramanna. Each frame has comedy composed all-over it. I give the whole credit to the picture’s director Veeru Potla.
How did you zero in on the title, Eedu Gold Ehe?
The ‘Ehe’ in the movie’s name is my mannerism in the movie. After watching the movie am convinced even seniors and kids will possess the catchphrase ‘Ehe’,. When it was disclosed by Veeru Potla to me I liked the title.
About ur character?
My character has two shades. Veeru Potla wrote the script keeping me in his head. I 'm certain I will be earned celebrity by this film like Maryada Ramanna did. audience  will see the vintage Sunil in comedy scenes. Eedu Gold Ehe will have the nuances of a family entertainer and crime thriller.

 Are you happy with the way Jakkanna fared?
Yes, totally. We never anticipated the movie will be a massive success. But we were given a hit beyond our expectations by audiences. God has passed off Jakkanna.

How do you choose your scripts?

I stepped in to film industry having an aspiration to become a villain like Mohan Babu and Kota Srinivasa Rao. Actually, I 'm a mix of Kota and Sridevi and no one understands this solution till day. I would like to amuse everyone and I select the scripts that I feel and enjoy even the producer may possibly like it.

Apart in the movies, would you find time for social service?
Not especially, but I do attend the charity and social support occasions whenever I'm encouraged. I also do my bit on mine and my mommy’s birthdays every year. I expect to launch it by next yr and have started basis for setting up a social support business. I 'm intending to adopt children that are at least ten mentally disabled and offer them help towards their schooling until they procure occupations. There were times even I used to shoot for five films daily, including lunch breaks, and I used to sleep in buses, cars and trains and consequently I used to spend very little time with family but they never whined. 

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