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The buzz for the film is enormous. How thrilled are you ?
Yes ! the image has caught on quite nicely with everyone. But it was not the case when the movie started as no one took it seriously. But with time the buzz has developed enormously and I'll be extremely happy about it.
How distinctive is the film in the original ?
Look, we have just made the image having a honest strategy. We never had an intention of improved the original. We only made the movie according to our manner and place it properly in Telugu.
Whose choice was it to remake the Premam ?
It was my choice to remake the film. I requested Premam to be made by him instead although Chandoo needed to direct a film that was right. I shall absolutely work in the close future on a right picture with him.
When will u do a action movie?
Honestly, I love doing motion movies. I believe that acquire capacity and a personality to carry of characters and I ought to evolve more as an actor.
What type of inspiration did you pull from Nivin Pauly’s character in Premam ?
I loved his approach in the picture and got very inspired by it. I trust that my part will be adored by audience and did my bit.
After understanding your connection with Samantha did you father respond?
My father was advised by me first.He laughed aloud ,and he said "Nku munde telusura"..
What was your response when you knew about  Akhil love story?
This came as an enormous surprise . I never understood that something like this was heading on. Both me and my dad felt happy for my child brother.
When are the nuptials heading to occur?
 Planing next year, But Akhil will get married before me.
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